We bet our games, does your service?

Here is actual proof, well more proof, if you want to see bets go down live then go watch today’s live video!

Does your service bet the games they give you? Let alone for big dollar amounts? I am willing to bet they don’t and if they say they do they can’t back it up with any proof! Watch out for all the fakes and frauds out there people. They will even lie about where they are actually located on top of that they bet when they really don’t. Don’t be fooled!

Kyle bets each and every single game we put out from our Premium Plays, CFL, Consensus Plays and our WNBA Plays.



Premium Plays 3-0 & CFL 2-0 Friday Night

Congrats to all of our Premium Play members and CFL members on a clean sweep of the board friday night.

Premium Plays went 3-0 with the Phillies, Cubs and Dodgers on the money line.

CFL plays went 2-0 with Toronto +9.5 and UNDER 54. CFL is 4-0 this week and now 20-5 this season!

Take a look at what our Premium Play & CFL members all received.

Kyle hit another 4 team parlay last night.

Take a look at the nice hit Kyle hit on his 5 dimes account. Remember make sure your sports consultant actually bets on the games!

CFL 2-0 Friday

We continue to dominate the CFL. After last nights perfect 2-0 we are now 18-5 in the CFL this year. If you are not betting our CFL you are missing out.

Here is a look at what our clients got last night. Don’t miss out on the 2-0 tonight!

FREE MLB Baseball Picks for Friday 7-13-18

Check out our video for our FREE MLB Baseball Picks for Friday 7-13-18.

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